Save the Date – SPUDM29 August 20th-24th, 2023 – Save the Date

We are very happy to announce that SPUDM29 will take place in Vienna, Austria between August 20th-24th, 2023 as the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

We thank Susann Fiedler for taking on the burden of organising the conference.

Vienna is an awesome destination that everybody should at least visit once in a lifetime – so here is your chance!

Save the date!

Twitter takeover

EADM has an active twitter account which has been taken over by a variety of researchers recently.
While this might sound alarming it is a process where a user gets access to a twitter account (mostly) for a week to tweet about research (and other stuff) …

There have been some conversations about emotions, open science, music, philosophy and coffee and beer (so not all is science at the end) …

Feel free to jump in and follow @EADM_1993

SPUDM 2021 Call for Papers


The European Association for Decision Making invites submissions for presentations, posters and/or symposia for the 28th Biennial SPUDM (Subjective Probability, Utility and Decision Making) Conference which will be hosted online by Warwick Business School and the Department of Psychology at the University of Warwick, UK, from 22 – 24 August 2021.

SPUDM has been the leading European decision making and behavioural economics conference since its inception in 1969. Those years have seen SPUDM host the greatest researchers in our field, and we are committed to keeping this tradition alive and making this 28th meeting, the first to be held entirely online, one of the very best.

Our keynote speakers include Rory Sutherland (Vice Chairman of Ogilvy &
Mather Advertising) Gaëlle Vallée-Tourangeau (President-elect EADM) and Ilana Ritov, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. There will also be a special guest appearance by Daniel Kahneman, who will field questions about his forthcoming book Noise (co-written with Oliver Sibony and Cass Sunstein).

We will host papers, discussions and posters covering the full range of modern thinking in behavioural science, behavioural economics, and judgment and decision making. We strongly encourage submissions from new researchers, from researchers in countries less represented in the JDM community, and from researchers working in new areas and in the applications of behavioural science.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 30 April 2021. Make your submissions by clicking here: SPUDM2021

JDM in times of the new corona virus

Ido Erev has a piece in the New York Times entitle “Complacency, Not Panic, Is the Real Danger” – it will serve as a piece for the presidential column. 

Stay safe!

Said piece got published now in the JDM Journal:

Money makes the world go round, and basic research can help

As the adage goes, “money makes the world go round” – but which direction does it spin? This analysis considers how basic decision research can help us work out how to answer this question. It suggests that the difficulty of deriving clear predictions based on existing decision research is at least partly rooted in two restrictive conventions. The first is the focus on deviations from rational choice, and the effort to capture observed deviations by assuming subjective value functions. While it is difficult to reject the hypothesis that choice behavior reflects the weighting of subjective values, it is not clear that it advances the derivation of useful predictions. A second restrictive convention is the focus on objective hypothesis testing, which favors analyses that evaluate small refinements of the popular models. The potential benefits of relaxing these conventions are considered, with reference to recent choice prediction competitions that facilitate the exploration of distinct assumptions and model development techniques. The winners in these competitions assume very different decision processes than those assumed by the popular “subjective functions” models. The relationship of the results to the big data revolution is discussed.

EADM tweets now! @EADM_1993

EADM started its own twitter account – you will see the tweets on the right hand side of the homepage of simply follow us @EADM_1993.

Why 1993 – well – this was the year when EADM was born 🙂

I you want to promote your research tag it with @jdmresearch and we will re-tweet and spread the word!

Tweeting on this account, in loose order: Gaelle (@ProfGaelle), Eva (@EM_Krockow), Michael (@SchulteMi ), Lina ( @linakoppel) and Marta (@marta_balto)

2018 Workshop on Clinical Decision Making

The theme of the workshop is “Unravelling the Clinical Process”.

The workshop brings together practitioners and researchers from medicine and psychology who are interested in the psychological processes underlying clinical reasoning and decision making. This includes research on the role of intuition and gut feelings in decision making, the interplay of deliberate and intuitive processes in diagnostic reasoning, the impact of causal reasoning on treatment planning, and many more exciting topics.

Invited and confirmed keynote speakers are Professor Nancy Kim, Northeastern University, Boston USA, Professor Wolfgang Gaissmaier, University of Konstanz, Germany, and Professor Norbert Donner-Banzhoff, University of Marburg, Germany.

For more information see on the workshop see

The workshop is supported by the European Association for Decision Making (EADM), the Leibniz ScienceCampus Primate Cognition, and the University of Goettingen. There is no fee for participants.

Local Organizers: York Hagmayer (Institute of Psychology, University of Goettingen) and Johannes Hauswaldt (Department of Primary Care, University Medical Center Goettingen)

4th EADM Summer School – applications

We are pleased to invite applications for the 4th EADM Summer School!

Date: July 9th – 15th, 2018
Location: University of Salzburg, Department of Psychology, Austria
Theme: Open Science in Decision Making Research

The program will cover workshops on mousetracking (Pascal Kieslich), decisions from experience/description (Dirk Wulff) and fMRI (Stefan Hawelka) with an overarching theme on Open Science (Anne Scheel), how to use and where decision research might turn to in the next 20 years.

Additionally to the workshops we are excited to announce four keynote speakers:
Susann Fiedler (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods, Bonn)
Ralph Hertwig (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin)
Mirjam Jenny (Harding Center for Risk Literacy, Berlin)
Neil Stewart (Warwick Business School, Warwick)

The EADM Summer School covers lunches and coffee breaks. The participants have to cover travel costs + accommodation in Salzburg themselves (we will provide suggestions for affordable accommodation in due time)!

For your application please send us one .pdf file with the following information:

  • CV (1 page): including information on your education, former + current supervisors, publications and a link to additional online resources
  • Interests (1 page): describe two current or future research interests (what keeps you up at night?)

Submit the file here
Deadline for registration is: February, 28th, 2018

We are looking forward to your applications!

Feel free to contact us at: or on Twitter @eadmsummer

4th EADM Summer School – announcement

Date: July 9th – 15th, 2018
Location: University of Salzburg, Department of Psychology
Theme: Open Science in Decision Making Research 
Eligible: Pre- and early Post-Docs
The summer school has two main objectives:
1) Introducing and applying the ideas of open science, replicability and reproducibility in judgement and decision making research.
2) Providing an introduction to collecting and understanding process data in the realm of economic  experiments and consumer behavior.
The summer school will include keynotes from:

Susann Fiedler (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods, Bonn)
Ralph Hertwig (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin)
Mirjam Jenny (Harding Center for Risk Literacy, Berlin)
Neil Stewart (Warwick Business School, Warwick)

Further details will be posted early 2018.
Feel free to contact us at: or on Twitter @eadmsummer