Workshop grants

To stimulate activities in the two-year gap between SPUDM conferences, EADM sponsors up to two workshops or similar events per year, up to a maximum of EUR 3,000; to be decided upon per proposal. Proposals with applications for funding can be sent to the EADM Treasurer, Bernd Figner via email.

The workshop has to meet the following requirements:

  1. The main organiser of the event must be a full EADM member.
  2. The meeting should be advertised on the EADM website and the EADM mailing list.
  3. EADM members should be offered a reduced fee for attendance.
  4. The organisers of the meeting should acknowledge the financial support of EADM in their advertisements and publications.
  5. The meeting should in principle be open to EADM members at a reduced fee, but the local organiser has the final say about the maximum number of participants.
  6. The organiser should submit a budget to the treasurer of EADM, clearly indicating how the EADM money will be used.
  7. A report about the meeting, containing at least the abstracts of presented (main) papers, must be published in the EADM website.

Direct your application for funding a workshop to the Treasurer via email. Deadline for applications is January, 31st . A decision will be communicated after the board meeting mid-March of the same year.

Applications should include the title of the workshop/event, provisional date, location, organisers, background, aims and objectives, provisional schedule, itemised budget, additional sources of support, references.