Lifetime Contribution Award


The EADM Lifetime Contribution Award is bestowed in recognition of lifetime contribution which is broadly considered as: Contribution to the decision-making community by “exceptional service to the community of decision-making researchers”, as broadly understood within the EADM tradition. This includes, but is not limited to the following: supervising students who have proceeded to have successful careers in the field, extraordinary mentorship and teaching, valorization of own or others research to impact people outside the field.
The award will be presented to individuals who have made a long-lasting exceptional contribution to EADM. Such contribution is achieved through organization of SPUDM conferences, symposia, summer schools and workshops, service to EADM, the JDM journal, or other contributions.
Eligible candidates need to be 20 years or more post-PhD and to have presented in SPUDM or other EADM events at least three times during the past 15 years.
Winners receive a lifetime (free) membership in EADM, a certificate, and are asked to make a presentation of their research or a historical perspective at SPUDM.
The applications are evaluated by a committee appointed by the Board of EADM.

Former Winners

2023 Robin M. Hogarth Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain